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Only one
genre will
reign supreme
at the Mighty Rock Union, later this month

One of the countrya��s most anticipated rock festivals, the Mighty Rock Festival is expected to be as powerful as it sounds. Together with Sound Awake this year, the festival was originally presented by Groove Shack a�� a music cafA� in Calicut, Kerala, which has built a name for hosting live performances by
artistes from all corners of the country, in a bid to promote local and independent talent. This timea��s line-up includes heavy metal and rock outfits ranging from Black Letters and Live Banned to Mad Orange Fireworks and When Chai Meets Toast. We catch up with a few others who warn that tickets are fast selling, and advise you to get yours soon.

Girish and The Chronicles

Heading to town from Sikkim, lead vocalist Girish Pradhan tells us more

Feeling the rhythm.
The most beautiful part about being an artiste is that it liberates us. It gives us a sense of freedom and makes you feel like you are a part of something divine.

Peek into the setlist
Apart from going with the flow, songs from Back on Earth is on. Plus, fans of bands like ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Guns a�?na�� Roses are going to rock their brains out.

Views on EDM.
I have no views on EDM as I dona��t
listen to it. Just like I dona��t listen to a lot
of other forms of music, which includes rock bands that Ia��m not interested in.
As for good rock music, ita��ll continue
living long after everything else
is finished.

A band to catch at the event.


Vocalist Maria Roe Vincent shares the collective views of this pop rock band from Chennai

Music festivals area��
a��Amazing. Wea��ve comeA�a long way from about 10 years ago, in terms of the independent music. Now, bands and artistes can have thriving careers because of these
festivals. That is also why I am expecting
to have the time of my life at the Mighty Rock Union.

The Overtone experience.
We are primarily a commercial band covering all genres and types of artistes. We like to stick to the current top 100 hits,A�both in English and Tamil. Efficient and non-dramatic is our style during recordings and song writing. Fuss-free sessions are the best way to bring out creativity.A�At the gig, you can expect classics like Michael Jackson. We will also do a few originals.

Career high.
Being on stage. Period. Nothing beats
that high.

Advice for those starting out.
Work smart. Not everybody with talent makes it, and not everybody whoa��s made it is talented.

Covering up mistakes on stage.
Well, mistakes I usually try to ignore on stage, unless ita��s something very prominent. If that happens then I just break into an impromptu dance routine!
May 23 and 24. At CounterCulture, Whitefield Road. Early bird tickets are priced at `1,250 upwards.
Details: 9535336383

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