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    In the city this weekend, four stand-up comedians are out to make us laugh


    Kenny Sebastin

    AT THIS rate, theya��ll soon be calling Chennai a�?Comedy Centrala��. After having hosted an evening with Russell Peters, stand-up comedy regulars like Cyrus Broacha and Vir Das have increasingly found more patrons inviting them to the city. And to top it off, Evama��s regular round of Stand Up Tamasha for amateur comics has spurred several new organisers to organise LOL shows in the city this year. Like comedian-turned-comedy event organiser, Rajesh Hinduja, 55, whoa��s coming here this weekend. Having started his company Just Kidding last year, Hinduja seems upbeat about his show. a�?Ia��m really looking forward to doing a show in Chennai,a�? smiles the Bangalorean, before adding, a�?All my friends from school are here because this is where I grew up.a��a��

    Not just talk
    Incidentally, it was one of these buddies who suggested that Hinduja give an open mic night a shot. And wea��re glad he didna��t laugh at the idea, because if he had, we wouldna��t have had such a fun line-up of comedians like Praveen Kumar, Kannan Gill, Kenneth Sebastian and, of course, Hinduja himself, coming to the city. One of the pioneers in Indian stand-up comedy, Kumar was rated one of the top 10 comedians in the country in 2011 and has performed for audiences in over 400 shows across 15 cities. But it isna��t going to be just talk. Gill and Sebastian are known to whip up a mean tune on their guitars (most often inspired on the spot by the audience). According to Sebastian, a�?Musical comedy is pretty uncommon if you watch stand-up comedy.a�? So expect everything from tripping on popular musicians to Bollywood and Hollywood references in their show.

    Sing along
    Watch out for Sebastiana��s Random Word Song. a�?I tell the audience to yell out any word they want,a�? he explains. a�?Then it comes together in a song.a�? If you cana��t imagine what that is like a�� try connecting rainbows, piranha and crack-heads on the same lyrical thread. This guy did it and the video on Youtube has gone viral ever since.Finally therea��s Hinduja, who juggles his furniture manufacturing business with his passion for stand-up. And he tells us that his material can fluctuate from anything between a run-in with his school principal from back in the day, to toilet humour and a liberal dose of post-marital cribbing. So will his wife be in the audience too? a�?Hopefully not,a�? Hinduja responds. a�?If she is, Ia��ll never be able to go back home!a�?

    At T N Rajarathinam Kalai Arangam, tomorrow, from 6.45 pm onwards. Tickets at Rs300. Details: 9444019728

    Sonali Shenoy


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