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    Drop by Silkworm Boutique for A�exclusive tussars A�at a special show

    Handpicked for the store, Silkworm Boutiquea��s Annual Tussar Festival is exhibiting saris from two leading weavers from Kolkata this year. In its sixth edition, the festival promises contemporary patterns and trending pastels, where the silk yarn quality and the dyeing techniques stand out. a�?Wea��ve had our 10th anniversary, so we are treating the entire year as a celebratory one. Starting from this week long exhibit, we will continue the Tussar Festival for three months, with 12 other master weavers from across the country. Options besides saris in tussar will be showcased,a�? says Hisham Osman.

    The exhibition at the store will see Weavers Studioa��s experiments in two series of colours a�� red, oranges and pink, and blue green mauve. a�?a�?The designs feature warli and geometric prints, batik block print, and calligraphy block among others,a�? says Ushma Savla, retail and wholesale manager, Weavers Studio. The other brand to be featured, Karomi Crafts and Textile, will have 45 saris, and tussar that is hand-twisted and printed, plus a contemporary interpretation of Jamdani and bold chequered saris. Admitting that tussar has timeless appeal, Osman concludes, a�?When traditional motifs feature with modern metallic shades, the appeal of tussar saris extends to every sensibility a�� from a young lady looking for softer daily wear contemporary saris to older women looking for heavier tussars.a�? At Khader Nawaz Khan Road, till December 5, with the Annual Tussar Festival lasting three months. From `3995. Details: 28331990
    a�� Seema Rajpal


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