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Evam Karthik to take on Shobhaa De and the class stuck between the rich and the poor this weekend

Chennai’s funny man Karthik Kumar will be in town with ‘Second Decoction’ and guess what he will celebrate? Being middle class. With a bit of sarcasm and his signature sharp wit, it is bound to be elite class in its comedy quotient though.
a�?The show has second in its title because the middle class would never go for the first. They are taught to think and act like that since childhood,a�? explains Karthik. His show on Saturday night will touch upon middle class upbringing, filled with hope, dreams and life savings; just enough to pay only the first EMIs for them.
Coming to Hyderabad after a gap of five years, Kathik would be speaking about his formative years. a�?I would be talking about how a middle class family would approach about staying in a hotel or pursuing education because that is the only inheritance we get. The way we look at values and what success means to them,a�? he adds.
A journey that began with theatre, Karthik along with his friend Sunil started Evam Entertainment. An acclaimed comedian now, he first performed in 2010. Apart from stand up, he is also an actor who features in Tamil movies.
Karthik is in his element when you ask him to comment on celebrities. About Shobhaa De ‘s recent Twitter saga, he chortles and says, a�?We’ve got it all wrong. She only meant that she was disappointed the way these athletes posted selfies and that they should be trained to click better pictures. At last what does she want anyway? She wants to look good and be at the right parties at the right time. I feel bad for that poor lady.a�?
Evam Stand-Up Tamasha Presents Karthik Kumara��s Second Decoction will be held at Bhaskara Auditorium, Birla Science Centre, Adarsh Nagar on August 20 from 7.30 pm onwards. Price for tickets: Rs 500 per person. Details: bookmyshow.com

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