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    A WORLDWIDE production that brings new music, lyrics, visuals, dance a�� Massive Vibe Livea��s latest venture is all about creating magic.A�a�?Massive Vibe Live came about two years ago, when producer and lyricist Queen Be brought the team together. The idea was to tap talents, and shared passion for the benefit of all. We performed our first public concert in May 2014; ita��s been a magical adventure from the very beginning. We come together from many different countries, people dona��t understand how we do it practically, but for us it is a matter of dedication and inspiration,a�? explains Katharina Raysz, the director of Massive Vibes Live.

    The mixing guru2The production has been touring in India featuring different artistes, such as Victoria, Craig R Ninjah, Hang Massive and The Right Band, since November 2015. Their Electric and Alive Tour of empowerment through music has seen 28 concerts to over 20,000 people in Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru, Pune and Chennai, including headlining for Bollywood singers.

    For the show in Bengaluru, The Right Band, a 10-piece band will take to the stage at Indigo Live Music Bar. a�?We best describe our music as a rich indie vibe of roots, ska, rock, hip hop and funk, that all comes alive in the passion and musical talent of each band member. In the show at least 15 different instruments are played and new ones are being added all the time. Ita��s an atmosphere of great cheer where everyone can feel welcome to enjoy and be themselves, thata��s something you will take away with you from the concert,a�? says Raysz.

    Not just that, the live concert also caters to the tech savvy music lovers of today with each concert of their show being broadcasted globally, so people can enjoy and feel part regardless of their location. a�?We are very dedicated to that. The responses are amazing and we keep in close touch before, during and after the concert via Facebook and other social media platforms. We also have organised online Massive Vibe Live parties that are happening in different countries all at once via the internet,a�? she adds.

    In terms of coming back to India time and again for a gig, she says, a�?India is our heart home and we are blown away by the responses of the people we have met. We have performed in villages, ashrams, music halls and in bustling markets. Now we are looking forward to collaborate with Indian musicians on our new music video Yo! Be the Power.a�?

    March 6. Tickets (`350) available at the venue. At Koramangala. Details: 25535330
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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