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Pair it with dhotis, jodhpurs or trousersa��this season is all about the jacket, thanks to our Prime Minister

OUR new premier is drawing attention with his sartorial choices, and the Modi-inspired jacket is making waves. Visits to the US and Australia see the PM sporting a crisp jacket with a mandarin collar. As designer Tarun Tahiliani puts it, a�?a�?The bundi is very comfortable because it is sleeveless and is apt for the Indian weather.a��a�� Top designers share their take on this garment and its uses:

VK-AW-Menswear1291 copyPrim and proper

Vivek Karunakaran agrees that a bundi is a wardrobe essential. a�?The velvet bundis with regimental buttons have been a favourite from our linea��with Italian velvet as the base fabric and style detail in the form of a contrast piping at the edge and regimental buttons adorning the opening. They are styled both over silk kurtas and pathan shirts to give a contemporary Indian look. The hot seller has been the monogram zardozi badge bundi, where we customise your name as a monogram into a zardozi badge on the bundi,a�? he explains. Rs.8,800. At the store in Rutland Gate. Details: 43153454


rahul gandhi rahul khannaTraditional route
The ideal accessory for the suave metro-sexual, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khannaa��s silk waistcoat, in a deep navy blue, has gun metal quilting across the entire surface. The pockets are also lined with a piping of the same colour, so make sure your watch suits. To be worn over a solid bright colour for maximum effect. Rs.26,000. At Khar West, Mumbai. Details: 022 26485622


GFW14 WC KL02raphic attack
As part of the autumn winter collection at Evolv, this jacket is colourful and will get you in the mood to party. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and you are good to go. Rs.5,499 onwards. At the store on Chamiers Road. Details: 42042474





Easy on the eye

Attending a high profile wedding? Turn heads with this classic jacket. The peach bundi from Canali, when paired with a silk kurta, is perfect for a glitzy evening. Rs.94,500. At the store in Bergamo, Khader Nawaz Khan Road. Details: 42050953



Modi jackets are all the rage now since our Prime Minister chooses bundis for most of his appearances. These jackets are versatile and add a touch of elegance to a simple shirt or kurta when teamed with loose fit pants or denims. Modi jackets are not restricted to men. Women can wear it over a sari or a kurta to add some edge to their ensemble. Linen or raw silk jackets are perfect, given the countrya��s varied weather.
a�� Nikhil Thampi




The honour rests with the textile geniuses of India a�� the khadi weavers. The khadi waistcoat, as seen through the new wave of patriotic styling, is sweeping through India.

a�� Raghavendra Rathore




Golden accent

This jacket from Hyderabad-based Shravan Kumar, is a conversation starter. Pair it with an off-white linen shirt and dhoti. Featured at the Lakme Fashion Week this year, it is priced at Rs.6,000. The designer also has jackets in silk, ikat, bandhani and block prints. The ones with checks in colours like yellow, green and purple are popular.
Details: 08096157175


paresh lambaYellow magic
Intricate yet masculine, this jacket embodies Paresh Lambaa��s trademark blend of flamboyance and sophistication. Elegantly using gold zari motif embroidery on black bamboo velvet, it is the perfect ethnic evening jacket. Rs.44,995. At Bespoke Studio, Bangalore. Details: 080 25596145



Menswear 2


Couture advantage
Stand out as the best man in this rich jacket from Tahiliani. a�?Popularised by our charismatic Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1960, it was cited as one of the top 10 political fashion statements by Time magazine,a��a�� states the designer, adding, a�?a�?From Doctor Evil to James Bond, and various interpretations from Karl Lagerfeld to Tom Ford, it is the sartorial choice of many a politician. And now Narendra Modi is wearing his version.a��a��At the store in DLF Emporio, Delhi. The mena��s couture line starts from Rs.2,00,000. Details: 011 46060980