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    From script writing to acting lessons,actors who are just as capable behind thecamera as they are in front of it

    Blunt (33) and Justin Theroux (45) may not have been as serious about sharing acting lessons as Mark Rylance, but rest assured they had a gala time. In between shooting scenes for The Girl on the Train (an adaptation of Paula Hawkina��s 2015 book of the same name), the pair managed to get the time to make videos, tooa��in which they share acting tipsa��and send it to their co-actors. Makes for a pleasant respite from the emotional rollercoaster theme of the film, we say.


    Hanksa�� love affair with nightmareinducing journeys continues with Aaron Schneidera��s Greyhound,
    where the American actor is not only playing the lead but also writing the script. Looking at how he survived transit disasters in movies like Apollo 13, Captain Phillip and Sully, we think the 60-year-old
    will have no difficulty in penning a masterpiece for this World War II drama where he plays the commander
    of a destroyer ship in the US Navy




    rylanceOne Directiona��s Harry Styles, who will be debuting in Christopher Nolana��s Dunkirk, must be thanking his stars that he has Rylance as his co-star. The latter, an Oscar-winning actor (think Bridge of Spies), is giving the singer some valuable acting lessons and is already impressed by the 22-year-olda��s talent. Rylance, 56,
    previously heaped praise on another younger co-star, Ruby Barnhill, the 12-year-old who played Sophie in Steven Spielberga��s The BFG. Way to go.

    redmayneBeing the perfectionist that he is,
    Redmayne took time to observe animal handlers in wildlife parks
    as part of his research for Fantastic Beasts. Also, during green screen shooting that involved the beasts, he requested the filma��s animators to act out the idiosyncrasies of each of their characters on set. This helped him get into the skin of his character and deliver a
    convincing performance. Needless to say,
    it made director David Yates happy, too.



    Fassbender is at that stage in his career when his cinematic clout cannot be
    questioned. In the highly-anticipated Assassina��s Creed, he is also the producer who managed to bring on board Justin Kerzel as director (who gave us Macbeth, which competed for the Palme da��Or at Cannes last year). Kurzela��s appointment also convinced the
    likes of cinematographer Adam Arkapaw, Jeremy Irons and Marion Cotillard to sign up. Needless to say, Fassbender is all smiles.

    a�� Compiled by Karan Pillai


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