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    With a a�?personal connecta�� Tattva Art Hardware hopes to bring the nameplate back in vogue

    Handmade brass designs, sculpted letters and a fine finish a�� these are a few reasons why a Tattva signage must adorn your doorway. a�?When I spoke to a few condominium owners, I found that they stopped using nameplates because they felt it lacked character and that personal connect. I wanted to infuse appeal in signage and thus started the line,a�? says Mukul Goyal, the product designer of 16-year-old Gurgaon-based art hardware store Tattva, known for their artistic hardware for homes. With six different finishes a�� antique brass, antique copper, antique nickel (a finish with a timeless appeal), green patina (aged copper with a greenish tinge), matt gold, and matt nickel a�� the nameplates are customisable and come with concealed mounting hardware. a�?They are usually designed based on the hardware of the house (the model or style of your door handle, knobs, etc) and the choices the customers make depend on the different elements of the house (colour, wallpapers, etc),a�? says the engineer turned designer.

    These signages, though geometrically simple (they are all rectangular), are both elegant and modern, thanks to the Optima font (the only font available now) they employ and finishing touches like Goyala��s signature metal figurines sitting on the plate. a�?I send the customer a digital image of the rough cut. Once approved, it takes a week to finish and deliver,a�? confirms Goyal, 48. Sometimes, if customers want a design or a finish that is not available, they take it up as a project and deliver the nameplate with the necessary detailing. Tattva Art is looking to expand its range of fonts and designs once it receives sufficient customer feedback and inputs.
    Priced from `8,000 onwards at tattvahardware.com

    a�� Aishwarya Kumar


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