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    With fluorescent interiors, a smoke machine, cafe and enough room for 12, Chennai gets its third laser tag arena

    Barely three weeks since they opened shop on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, G Sector, the citya��s third laser tag arena, is already attracting nearly 60 gamers a day, and that too in its testing phase. a�?Unlike paintball where you can get hurt, laser tag is a game that can be enjoyed even by children. We have set our age limit to 12, only because the equipment is too big for smaller kids,a�? says Girish Subash, the founder (and doctor by qualification), who has worked on the layout and theme of his arena with his friends. As we suit up for a game, we find groups of friends and even a family of four waiting for a go in the approximately 2,000 sq ft Star Wars-themed arena, that Subash says will be changed every year. a�?It takes close to a month and a half to redesign the arena,a�? he points out.
    Inside the arena
    The game is ideal for two teams of five each, wea��re informed, and the objective is to shoot your opponents and score maximum points within your time frame. a�?If your group is small, you can opt for a death match, where you compete as individuals,a�? Subash clarifies. As we take cover behind neon obstacles in an otherwise pitch dark room, an active smoke machine and a racy soundtrack from a James Bond movie, do their bit to get our adrenalin pumping. By the end of the 10 minutes, we stagger out, some even breathless, but everyone thoroughly excited. a�?10 minutes is the perfect duration, but we also have a 15-minute option that will completely exhaust you,a�? shares Subash, adding that their in-house cafe provides much needed snacks (think sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes, etc) after the express work out.
    Beyond the game
    Scheduled to launch on March 29, G Sector will soon be coming up with membership cards (even a list of top players) providing special perks and discounts that will help lighten the Rs 250 (per person for 10 minutes) price tag. Other benefits here include PlayStation consoles (Rs 100 per hour) to keep you busy while you wait for your session. Of course, there are packages and discounts on bookings for large groups a�� something the corporate crowd (who already look to games like paintball for team building sessions) will make use of. But what wea��re really looking forward to, are the tournaments that Subash assures us will be conducted on a regular basis (at least once a month, he hopes).
    Open from 10 am to 10 pm. Details: 9003200099

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