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    Nishant a�?Joke Singha�� Tanwar on his new mockumentary and making Chennai laugh

    For a comedian who didna��t follow comedy acts, or even know who Russell Peters was, Nishant Tanwar has come a long way. Today, the man who named himself Joke Singh has performed in 10 countries and in every city in India that has a a�?comedy rooma��. However, ahead of his debut in the city, the Delhi-based comic tells us how his first joke was a damp squib. a�?A friend had encouraged me to go to an open mic because I used to make fun of everyone. I had written a few jokes, but after 15 minutes on stage, nobody was laughing, not even my friends and family. But this just made me determined to make strangers laugh,a�? states Tanwar, who quit his job of eight yearsa��as an executive producer with NDTVa��in 2012, to pursue comedy full time.
    While shows are his bread and butter, the 31-year-old is also venturing into unfamiliar territory. Like shooting a mocumentary in the US. a�?Ita��s like an Indian version of Borat. The film, called Indiaa��s Son Joke Singh Discovers a United States of America, is made to offend people. I thought it was time a true-blue Indian did something like this,a�? he laughs. Featuring observations and unscripted interactions, it is scheduled to air in the US, on Jus 24/7, in August.
    Meanwhile, at the show, Tanwar says we can expect a lot of crowd interaction (which he calls his forte), dark humour, jokes onA� stereotypes and, of course, content that draws from local references. While he is a little worried about whether his Hindi jokes will go down easy, what he isna��t worried about is a conservative audience. a�?Friends have performed here and all of them say the crowd is fun,a�? he says. Surprisingly, he is also open to having a few negative voices in the audience. a�?Earlier, I used to ignore hecklers as I didna��t know how to deal with them. But now I take them on and I always welcome a few volunteers,a�? he signs off.

    August 9, from 8 pm, at Bay 146, The Savera hotel. Details: 9710976876

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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