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    Radio has always been about the sound. The medium has kept listeners engaged with nothing more. On television, your eyes wander all over the screen, distracting your focus. Thata��s never a possibility on radio. That said, radio has been beaten by the idiot box.
    Until music television came in, radio was the key medium for musicians and bands to release their music. Until news was broadcast on the telly, radio was the only source for news. With the mantra, a�?seeing is believinga��, television got authority over its audience. However, thata��s not to say radio didna��t find its own space.

    Today both mediums are equally strong when it comes to consumption. But social media has changed the way they interact with their consumers. Television shows never forget to give their Twitter handle or Facebook page details. Nor do radio shows. In fact, these social media networking platforms have allowed radio to soar into a higher orbit.

    The game is now set to change as radio deliberates on adopting a new way of bringing its content to its listeners. It wona��t be a�?hearinga�� but a�?seeinga�� in the future. Dominic Rozario of Absolute Stream says, a�?Having a two- or a three-camera set up and shooting a radio show or interview and streaming it live is possible. From birthdays to rock shows to funerals, anything can be captured and streamed live.a�?

    When this concept is accepted by radio stations, you will get to see a radio show rather than listen to it. This is where radio will have an edgea��with the help of the web. Advertisers would want to have their products showcased on the visual interface that stations will have. This would give them options they never had earlier. This form of radio would be a game changer. See you next week with more radio talk!

    Niladri (talkingradio@gmail.com)
    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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