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    Satvaanii promises to leave you happy and rejuvenated

    There’s a new band in town, and it’s not the usual rock n’ roll, metal, blues, or jazz kind. Called Satvaanii, the band is getting praise for its acoustic mix of vedic mantras, and world music, blending elements of raag darbari, country fusion, soft soul, and funk. This mantra, and shloka-rich performance won’t disappoint the party-goers, though. The three-member band promises to get you swaying, and dancing to their mid, and uptempo beats. You can also join them in song, as the lyrics are few and far between, and easy to catch on to. Their “happy and rejuvenating” gig this Saturday at Jus Trufs’, will be followed by a performance in New Delhi next weekend. Their first single is expected to be releases next month.

    While the two-month-old Satvaanii was formed by the graduates of Chennai-based KM Music Conservatory, Bhuwan Sachdev and Manoj Tamang, the city’s Karthik Mani joined them recently as a sessions performer. Delhi boy Sachdev, the vocalist and rhythm guitarist is trained in Hindustani classical music, while Tamang, the lead guitarist and backing vocalist from Darjeeling, has studied world music. Mani creates magic with the drums, ghatam, kanjira, and other percussion tools.Sachdev, 23, shares the idea behind this sacred music collective, “My inclination towards spirituality comes from my family. Also, I used to study music. I realised spiritual music gave me the freedom to express myself.” Tamang found this music equally liberating, and the two shifted to Bengaluru from Chennai last year, to give it a shot. Ask Sachdev about the response to their gig, and he says, “So far, so good. People say it’s different. If they walk away feeling happy, our job is done. And to make others happy, we have to be happy withinfirst, so we practise meditation for two hours daily.”

    April 23. Entry (`100). At Jakkur Road. 7.30 pm onwards. Details: 9844016984

    — Barkha Kumari


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