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    Aurovillea��s Nilesh Nisar and Geetha give you more choice when it comes to healthy snacking

    The next time youa��re at the Visitora��s Centre in Auroville, dona��t miss the newly-introduced dark vegan choco1lates and roasted nuts at their food counter. For the couple Geetha and Nilesh Nisar have made additions to their popular dry fruit ladoos and cashew toffees. a�?Most of the people in Auroville are vegans and are particular about the chocolate they consume. Thata��s why we started making vegan chocolates, with just cocoa, sugar and dark chocolate,a�? begins Nisar, a Gujarati from Mumbai, who has been selling his products under the brand, Natraj, since 2007.
    Adding to their list of healthy munchies, they offer roasted and salted cashews, almonds and pistachios that are light and oil free. a�?Our cashews come from Panruti, Tamil Nadu and the others from Delhi,a�? says Nisar, who seems to be doing well in Chennai and Bengaluru, besides Pondicherry.
    It all started when Nisar discovered that he was diabetic a few years ago, and the doctor advised him to give up sweets. This was hard on the 44-year-old who couldna��t imagine a day without a sugar fix. a�?Thata��s when we started experimenting and came up with these delicious ladoos that have no ghee, sugar, honey, jaggery or preservatives. Instead, we use dates,a�? explains Nisar. Their factory, located in Auroville, produces 3,000 ladoos a day. They supply their products to almost all the Nilgiris supermarkets in Chennai and have several orders from Bengaluru, too.

    Roasted almonds (100 gms) costs Rs 140. Details: 0413 2623623

    Mrinalini Sundar


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