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    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.
    Or Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber. Unlikely pals in Hollywood get a bigA� thumbs up

    A perfect match
    What brought world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and young singer Justin Bieber together? Social networking app, Shots. Both investors in the product, it turns out when the 38-year-old and the 21-year-old first met, all they spoke about was technology and investments. Since then, however, theya��ve been inseparablea��from sharing grooming sessions that include pedicures and massages, to hanging out together in the dressing room before a match. And with a friendship that may be the strangest in sports and entertainment history, we like how Bieber has attended all of Mayweathera��s matches and has been his pillar of support.

    Cake and collaboration
    A shared love of music brought Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett together. They may look like an odd pair, but the pop star and the jazz singer made an instant connection when they met four years agoa��when Gaga was performing at the 2011 Robin Hood Foundation charity gala. The duo released their jazz album, Cheek to Cheek, in September 2014, which won the Grammy Award. Earlier this year, the 28-year-old told Rolling Stone magazine that this was a project that a�?means everythinga�? to her. a�?I think something I was craving for myself was a truly authentic collaboration, a true artistic exchange. With Tony I found not only that, but I found a friend. Not only do we spend a lot of time together and make music, but we talk,a�? she said. As a sign of friendship, the Born This Way singer recently surprised the 89-year-old on his birthday with a
    massive five-tiered cake and a beautiful song.

    For a song
    Who knew that acoustic guitarist Ed Sheeran is best friends with former Friends star, Courteney Cox. Though the 27-year age gap makes them an odd pair, Sheeran describes the 51-year-old as down-to-earth. a�?I have been ignored at Hollywood events and dinner parties but not at Coxa��s,a�? he says. They are such good pals that the Cougar Town host even gave Sheeran the keys to her Malibu beach house when he was writing new material for his album. This January, the singer returned the favour by singing a song on her TBS sitcom. Their bondA�is also strong since he introduced Cox to her fiancA�, Johnny McDaid.

    When we talk about bizarre celebrity friendships, one that tops the list isA� 50 Centa��s bond with actress Meryl Streep and Grammy-winning singer Bette Midler. Differences in age and social scene clearly do not matter when it comes to making a connection. Read on for the latest crop
    of famous besties and their random acts of affection

    Opposites attract
    Not many know that Roger Federer is friends with fashionista Anna Wintour. The tennis star and Voguea��s editor-in-chief struck up an unusual friendship after they met at the 2002 US Open. Surprisingly, back then Federer had no idea who Wintour was. Today, 33-year-old Federer often asks her for fashion advice a�� like what to wear on and off court and at photo shoots. They are such good friends that, besides hosting a birthday party for him in New York, Wintour also skipped New York Fashion Week last year to attend the US Open, to support her favourite player.


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