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    Herea��s a big hug to Team Indulge on their seventh birthday! It doesna��t seem like seven years have passed since I got that call from editor Rosella Stephen. It was a new and unique idea of hers to have a column on radio and that idea, after seven short years, still remains new and unique. There have been a few attempts by others to write about the medium, but all of them have left the building. Like they say, being original has its advantages.

    Ita��s been an exciting journey for me and I thank Indulge for the opportunity. Ita��s made me look at the medium from a totally different perspective. From analysing advertising patterns and music policies to interviewing hosts (those that Ia��ve always wanted to meet), the list is endless. Writing for radio was a part of me that I discovered on this very column. A special shout out to the illustrators who have always come out with a picture for my thoughts.
    What makes me smile is that this space gets read by not only stations in this city, but around the country, too. Over the last seven years, we have featured
    programming initiatives a�� be it in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore or Kolkata. I would like to take this opportunity to thank radio stations for having confidence in our radio talk. There have been times when a copy of the Indulge piggy-backed on to an aircraft and, a few days later, Ia��d get a mail from a listener, telling me how much he enjoyed this tabloid.

    However, there have also been times when a few radio stations have snarled at what Ia��d written. In some instances (as told by employees), the copy of Indulge would go missing if the station felt that the presenters or personnel should not read what Ia��d written. I think these stations have taken the warning below my column seriously.Leaving the comedy to the stand-ups, Ia��d like to end by saying a�?indulgea�� yourself every Friday and be left with a pleasant experience that no one else provides. Happy Seventh, Team Indulge, and keep them coming.

    -Niladri Bose

    a�� talkingradio@gmail.com A�The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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