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    It is so important to fail. Failure instigates the successful person in you. Ia��m glad I failed many times as it has only helped me view the environment I work in with more clarity. My journey with failure began as far back as the early 90s, when I dropped out of engineering. It was one of the easiest decisions Ia��ve ever made, but of course, the consequences were tough.
    I sometimes feel that radio is like an orphanage. A place where the shunned and the abandoned find refuge and then learn to steer their lives. When you do a dipstick survey as to how many radio presenters have a degree or formal education after school, there are a few who have medals and graduation pictures, but the majority have dropped out of college and walked straight into a studio.
    While some of us radio presenters (academic drop-outs) have considered our stint on the medium as a second chance from the divine, a lot of presenters out there have taken the opportunity for granted. It shows when they are heard on-air and seen on social media. Their false pride coupled with a bloated ego is palpable. These individuals have obviously not respected their own failures, else they wouldna��t sound the way they do both on and off air.
    It is so important to balance attitude and confidence, so you as a presenter dona��t look like you are the brand ambassador of ego. When this does not happen, you find presenters weeping and ranting when asked to vacate their seats. The very same people sometimes bounce back and become humble individuals, as they would have learnt from their mistakes.
    Every radio presenter needs a fall from grace in order to be error proof and have clarity of thought. You cana��t be a great mariner if you are sailing calm seas. The same applies for radio presenters, too. Take a step back, introspect and cherish the times when things crashed around you, when you failed. They made you stronger.
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