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    The coolness of virtual shopping

    Spotted the perfect sheath dress in a store window or that dream wing-backed chair that could double up as a cosy reading nook at a relativea��s place, only you want cheaper options? We suggest you familiarise yourself with SnapShopr, founded by 28-year-olds Navneet Sharma and Debashish Pattnaik. Essentially a platform that lets you search for products that you can buy online25RadioSide1, its USP is that you can capture pictures of articles you like (clothes, accessories, home decor, etc) and upload it onto the app. While not necessarily designed to give you less expensive choices, the search engine will throw up similar products sourced from various e-commerce sites such as Voonik and Homeline. Currently looking for investors, Sharma and Pattnaik moved to Bengaluru from Orissa and Pune respectively, in December 2013 and founded SnapShopr almost a year later. But why Bengaluru, we asked Sharma. a�?It has the best startup ecosystem in the country and the tech talent here is unmatched,a�? he replies, adding, a�?We wanted to build a global product and to that end, realised that the city is one place where it was absolutely necessary to have an office.a�?Meant to be an online platform, the team has for now, released a demo app for people to get an idea of what SnapShopr can do. Apart from finding and buying the product you wanted, users can also share their favourite matches on social media, create or add to their wardrobe with the a�?Mix and Matcha�� feature and put things on their wishlist to be bought at a later time. Located in the startup hub of the city, Koramangala, the founders hope to set up an office in Silicon Valley, San Francisco by the end of the year.
    Details: snapshopr.co


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