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    John Turturro on playing a lawyer in The Night Of, and takeaways from the show

    WITH news doing the rounds that a spinoff movie of The Big Lebowski is on the cards, Italian-American actor John Turturro is all over social mediaa��the first look of his character Jesus Quintana is already out. Here, the 59-year-old actor talks to us about playing defense attorney John Stone for the miniseries The Night Of where he represents Pakistani-American Nasir Khan, a college student charged with the rape and murder of his mysterious date. With the series garnering critical acclaim, the Emmy Award winning actora��s performance has been praised for his portayal of the street smart lawyer suffering from a serious case of eczema

    Your research for the role?
    I meet people, I tape them, I interview them, I go to the court, I watch them and see if they can reveal themselves.

    What about attorneys in television/films that inspired you?
    You know when Paul Newman was in The Verdict? That was a movie that I was blown away with. This is how a guy can be what he could be but he hasna��t been for a long time. Stone is like thata��hea��s like a test case of human problems.

    Your thoughts on what the show reflects?
    I think ita��s about the costs of entering into the judicial system. I think ita��s about the system and the human cost that goes on within it for the accused, for the people who defend, prosecute, investigate and even for the families who are involved.

    Might there be a further series?
    Yeah, well people have mentioned that they wanna see more of Stone and I was like a�?wow.a�� It all depends upon the quality of the writing, but yes, hea��s a character that you just want to spend more time with.
    The Night Of finale is on Star World Premiere HD, August 31, 10 pm

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