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    Why algorithm-based matchmakers are gaining popularity.

    WHILE we might only remember Patrick Dempseya��s portrayal of Jack Qwant in Bridget Jonesa��s Baby as a drop-dead gorgeous billionaire, our attention here is on Qwanta��s algorithm-based dating site. As in the film, the trend is now gaining popularity in India, with startups looking to real-life forums for inspirationa��like Los Angeles-based E-harmony, where couples have been matched successfully for the last 16 years based on a mathematically-assessed set of parameters.
    In our country, the drill for an arranged marriage usually involves relatives, newspaper ads and a profile on shaadi.com. However, the match-making is based on general categories. Banihal, a new Matchmaking startup, is changing that by adopting a scientific method. a�?People shouldna��t have to adjust. A marriage works when both are on the same page and thata��s the kind of people we match you with,a�? says Ishdeep Sawhney, CEO of Banihal. All it takes is about 20 minutes of your timea��to fill out a detailed profile, covering all relevant aspects of a relationship. Questions about the people you admire, your take on risk and adventure, and how you handle situations that crop up in relationships are a few of the aspects covered. The responsesA� are then analysed by their artificial intelligence system.
    Sawhney says that over the last year, travel, reading preferences and music have become popular factors for couples searching for partners online. a�?No one wants to settle for a sub-optimal match. Every little detail counts,a�? adds the San Francisco-based entrepreneur. And statistics favour the science, with divorce rates among people who met through E-harmony (according to a 2015 Bloomberg study) standing at 3.86 per cent against the national US average of 50. a�?When we can get computers to cook our food and manage our money, why cana��t we trust them with finding us the right one? The odds are in their favour,a�? he concludes.
    Details: banihal.com
    a�� LavanyaA� Lakshminarayanan


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