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From bizarre confessions to contestants calling tasks a�?too sexya��, Neha Dhupia is in for a few surprises

AN ACTOR, model and now a mentor, Neha Dhupia is on a roll. After a successful last season, she returns as a judge and anchor. Dhupia talks about her hunt for the next Kingfisher Calendar Girl and what it takes to become a supermodel.

First thoughts on being
part of the show.
I was part of the Kingfisher Supermodels 2 but back then I was not really sure of what I was getting into. This edition, I realised that it can be a lot of fun, and it’s about the career of young girls, and the responsibility of picking the right girl is on me.

Your idea of a supermodel.
Someone who has the confidence of facing the camera, and has the right attitude towards work. Being a supermodel is not a brainless profession simply because they need to understand the brief of a client. It is important to be intelligent.

What goes into being
a supermodel?
A lot of hard work. Knowing that no one is flawless, and to conceal your flaws or use it to your advantage. Ita��s important for a super model to know the right camera angles and ita��s essential to work with the right people.

Challenges of being the task master on the show.
There were times when the girls would say, the task is too sexy for them. I had to make sure they stopped thinking that way, and get on with it. Then there were occasions when more than one girl would be perfect. To pick the right one is a challenge but we always had a great panel of judges, including Atul Kasbekar, and stylist Mohan Neelkantan, apart from guest judges like models and actors.

On the show, the models share their confessions. What would your confession be as a former model?
I have dealt with body image issues. I have cribbed about my hair being too straight or strands being grey since birth. I believe that our negatives need to be used to our advantage and thata��s exactly what I told the girls as well.

Five things to remember while sporting a bikini?
1. Wear it like no one is watching you. 2. Wear it like you belong to the ocean, and not to the bikini. 3. Choose the right fit. 4. If you are going to wear a bikini, invest in beautiful sun glasses and a hat as well, so as to take the focus away from just the costume. 5. Lastly, if you are going to wear a bikini for professional reasons then you better make sure you get paid really well.

What is the one outfit you would wear when you dona��t want to make the effort of dressing up and yet look stylish?
An oversized white shirt with well-fitted blue jeans, teamed with tanned shoes. Many people are not aware that I buy my shirts from the mena��s section because I find them quite sexy.
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