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    A look at Naseeruddin Shaha��s doppelgA�nger and why you must clear your schedule next weekend

    Therea��s not much we can say about Nasseruddin Shah that isna��t already known. An actor hailed for a�?nailinga�� his roles, he doesna��t believe in method acting and though hea��s tackled some heavy subjects, he likes staging plays for children (a�?they dona��t look for deeper meanings, they just enjoy ita�?). Besides a possible stint on TVa��hosting a show on cricketa��and learning Marathi from his wife, Ratna Pathak, Shah is also touring with his play, Einstein. Some things you need to know before you get your ticket:

    The script, by Canadian playwright Gabriel Emanuel, was presented to Shah over 10 years ago. It was idling in a drawer until last year, when he needed to come up with a production for the Prithvi Theatre Festival. With just under two months to prepare, a solo show seemed perfect and looking like Einstein, a plus. a�?I do get mistaken for a Jew when I have a beard,a�? he recently told a national newspaper.

    His two main challenges were to understand the physics and perfect the German accent. a�?My friend Atul Gurtu, a particle physicist, explained the basics of the theory of relativity and quantum theory,a�? revealed Shah after premiering the play in Mumbai.
    Shah has used elaborate setsa��including over 200 booksa��because he feels with a�?Einsteina��s level of intelligence, he must have been reading all the timea�?. Rs 700-Rs 1,500. On June 14, at the Music Academy, at 7 pm. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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