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    Shibani Kashyap talks about her brand of music and how she has evolved as a musician

    Before indie-pop merged with Bollywood, the 90s saw a parallel music scene. It was sometime then that Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat, a hit that got singer Shibani Kashyap national fame, released. Though she blames film songs for the downfall of the indie-pop culture, the singer hopped on to the Bollywood bandwagon with her second hit that topped charts—Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa—forthe film,Waisa Bhi Hota Hai in 2003. Besides several other films, the 36-year-old also sang the title song for a Pakistani serial, Mohabbat Jai Bhar Mein, in Urdu. She is currently working on an video album. “It is a tribute to yesteryear singer Geeta Dutt, and will release in May. I have worked on films like Plot No 666 and Karoon Toh Kya Karoon, which will also release soon,” says Kashyap.
    Natural evolution
    “There is no space for indie-pop music and artistes want to be associated only with  films. I just hope somebody breaks this monotony and gets singers back in action,” she says. On the other hand, she is also thankful for the different platforms where singers can showcase their talent. “There are so many music festivals that have come up and I also believe that the number of bands have gone up. We have the Raghu Dixit Project and Indian Ocean that have a separate fan following all together,” she expresses. The Mumbaikar admits to having evolved as a musician over the years. “Over a period of time, my music has become more organic. I used to make synthetic music that involved a lot of electronic sounds. These days I prefer saxophones, violins, guitars and live music. However, it remains high on energy, pumping and heavy,” shares Kashyap, who is one of the very few female composers and guitarists in the country.
    Musical influences
    Kashyap has traces of Sufi and jazz in her music and is a fusion admirer. “I like different kinds of sound. My brand of music is soulful with elements of jazz, Sufi, qawwali and Eastern influences,” shares the singer, who is fond of collaboration. She recently teamed up with the Punjabi star, Mika Singh. “I’d like to work more with bands like Indian Ocean because that is my kind of music,” says Kashyap, who will be performing in the city with her band, Sojourn. The singer travels extensively with them to places like Assam, Delhi and Mumbai. They  are also working on a single.
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