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    The host and executive producer of reality game show, Survivor, talks about the upcoming seasons.

    The Emmy-award winning reality series, Survivor, has recently announced its Indian premiere of season 29, 30, and 31. Executive producer and host, Jeff Probst, whoa��s probably as popular as the series itself, talks about whata��s to come.

    What can we look forward to in these upcoming seasons?
    You are in for a treat! Season 29 is Blood vs Water II, where we have loved ones playing together. It changes the game quite a bit because you are not making decisions in a vacuum; you have someone else to worry about. Season 30 is White Collar v Blue Collar v No Collar. White collars make the rules, blue collars follow them and no collars break the rules. Season 31 is Second Chance, where we take a group of people who had only played once and left something on the table. Ita��s an outstanding season and definitely one of our very best.

    Whata��s your favourite Survivor location?
    I think Kenya would be at the top of my list because of its amazing wild life. We were on a safari every single day of shooting. It was outstanding and I still have very vivid memories of those days. We have a team that scouts locations for us. And factors like the number of available islands, the weather, the costs of local labour and how well we get along with the government helps us to choose.

    Whata��s the real motivation behind this show?
    Human behaviour is the crux of everything. Ita��s all about why we do what we do, and how we justify those choices is the essence of human drama. Putting the carrot of a million dollars in front of people is just one of the many ways they are tested. Ultimately Survivor is the adventure of a lifetime. Most people will never again find themselves in a situation like this and I think thata��s pretty cool.

    You have a 72-year-old former FBI agent on the show.
    With age comes experience and impatience. Joseph Del Campo is unique in that way. He was a hostage negotiator so he has a lot of experience in dealing with people in a crisis situation. At first, most people will judge him as the a�?old guya��. But if he can survive the first couple of a�?tribalsa�� (how Survivor teams are referred to) he may find himself doing okay. Hea��s also incredibly fit, for any age.
    Premieres on April 11, 9 pm on AXN
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