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    Samyukta Nair’s new line of sleepwear puts the emphasis back on comfort

    HOTEL heiress Samyukta Nair knows the value of a good night’s sleep and insists it begins with the right nightclothes. Dismissing the ‘‘huge sack-like nighties’’ that abound in India and the more revealing styles of international brands, she has chosen to launch sensual and comfortable sleepwear designed for the Indian skin tone and body. There is attention to detail in the feminine prints, notched collars and lace trim, with the option of customising your cotton pyjamas, shorts, camisoles or kimono robes in a solid shade or print. Nair, whose family-owned Leela Group specialises in luxe hospitality, admits she learnt all about fabrics from her grandfather, the late Capt Krishnan Nair who made his first fortune in textiles, and her father. ‘‘Looking back, those conversations about sourcing, how to run a unit, styling, sampling, what to say to your master tailors…all of this was excellent tutelage, the kind of apprenticeship that most people can only dream about,’’ she says. A fan of Victoria’s Secret and Jim Thompson sleepwear, as well as Oysho, this 29-year-old MBAhopes to introduce a line of matching house slippers and silk nightwear  soon.
    From Rs 3,000.
    Details:  Pernia’s Pop Up Shop. com

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