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From the director of the Indie English film Bengaloored comes Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi. The narrative revolves around a clueless city-based taxi driver, Kaalidas. A social outcast who drinks his troubles away, Kaalidas struggles through life, trying to make a name for himself and yearning for a real connection with at least one of the numerous girls he thinks he is in love with.

Starring Cajole Kapoor (as Rasika) and director Swaroop Kanchi in his debut as a lead actor,A� the film also features Rageswari Mahanta (Teertha) whose role in the film is kept under wraps. Upcoming television and Bollywood actor Sunil Kumar Palwal plays the antagonist.

Fresh talent
a�?This is the first movie Ia��ve done. It was exciting and it gave me a perspective of how movies are actually made and the amount of work that goes into a film,a�? says 19-year-old Kapoor, a student at Christ University, adding, a�?Kaalidas is an ordinary guy who falls in love with Rasika. Ita��s also about how his faith sees him through the tough spotsA� in his life.a�?

The cast is a refreshing mix of new faces, a distinct advantage explains Kanchi. a�?I enjoy working with new talent. They are not so worried about their costumes or camera angles. They have a refreshing innocence and make for real, relatableA� characters,a�? he says. His research into his role had him interacting with real life taxi drivers, exploring their regular haunts, sharingA� their meals with them and even driving taxis himself.

On the road
Shot over 40 days in locations such as Bangalore, Mysore, Srirangapatna and Mumbai, the movie will be released in the old-fashioned phased format a�� best described as village road shows, travelling from town to town to be screened in each theatre.
Intending to reach out to a wider audience with screenings scheduled at states like Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra and West Bengal, the movie is a departure from Bengaloored in terms of themes, content and language.

a�?I was very happy with Bengaloored, but I felt that I limited the audience by filming it in English. So I decided to do a Hindi film that can be understood by all sorts of audiences,a�? explains Kanchi who has also donned the hat of music director in the film.
a�?I sometimes found myself getting schizophrenic with the amount of roles I was taking on. I had to direct others while staying in character as Kaalidas and also manage theA� music,a�? he laughs.

At Inox, Magrath Road. Details: swaroopkanchi.com

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