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With the launch of a new sport fishing store, we highlight the most wanted brands, hot fishing spots and free workshops.

Dinesh kumar has come full circle with his Anglers Fishing Tackles Chennai. Launched at Royapuram fishing harbour last month, it is already meeting the needs of more than 1,500 anglers (and counting) with sport fishing accessories. Kumar, 34, an avid angler, recalls how his father started a business in fishing accessories for commercial requirements back in 1974. It was only in 2012, when Kumar started angling, that heA� realised how good tackles and accessories had to be sourced from Singapore. When stocking for himself, he began sourcing for friends and other anglers and this translated into an online store last year. It was just a matter of time before the sporting store opened up.A� Guide to tackles
Talking about accessories, Kumar claims that one can find just about anything at this store, from reels and poles to hooks, lines and sinkers. a�?As of now, we have all the best brands from Singapore; therea��s Shimano, Surecatch, Mustad and Alko among others. We also have the top model reel by Shimano, called Stella (Rs 90,000), that most professional anglers use,a�? he shares. Stella uses the X-ship technology that improves gear durability, making it easier to spin the reel. It enhances the performance of the reels in terms of faster and longer casts. The best seasons for angling according to Kumar is between May-July and December-February and he admits that the demand for tackles is high during that period. However the walk-ins reduce drastically during off seasons, with sales limited toA� online purchase from Mumbai, Goa and Kerala, where the angling season is still on.

Whata��s next
Kumar has bigger plans, and hopes to open a complete adventure sport accessories store next year. He will stock equipment for camping and other outdoor adventure sport activities, he promises. Angling trips and workshops are also on the cards. a�?For now, we are conducting workshops on weekends at the fishing harbour, for anyone who wants to learn angling. I will be teaching them everything from how to use the rod, how to reel back the fish, how to handle a fish once ita��s caught and how to unhook it and release it into the water. We believe in the catch-click-release method. This workshop is for anyone above the age of six years and it is free of cost,a�? says Kumar.

A complete tackle set Rs 2,500 onwards. Details: 9677277776

Know your tools
For angling, the set of accessories might be the same, but the size and types vary based on: freshwater or river angling (fishing in a pond or lake), sea angling (fishing in the seas) and carp angling (a kind of freshwater fish like rohu, catla and pangasius). For sea fishing, Kumar explains, the rod must be strong enough to be able to catch even a fish of around 400 kg or above, like a marlin. The rods for sea fishing and freshwater or river fishing differs, as it does for carp fishing. The freshwater fish weigh not more than 15 kg. The other thing that an angler should keep in mind while choosing his equipment is the size of the line. For example, while fishing in a small lake the line could be just 100 m long but while fishing in deep sea, the line needs to be 500 m or longer to make sure that the fish has no escape.

Spot finder

?A� Outskirts: Kovalam (Muttukadu Backwaters) and MahabalipuramA� (at the shore)A� to catch giant trevally and barracuda

?A� in Chennai: Giant trevally at Royapuram Fishing Harbour,BlueWaters sport fishingA� (Rs 10,000 for two hours), Chetpet ecopark (Rs 300 forA� angling)

?A� elsewhere: Mahanadi in Odisha, Kameng, Lohit and Siang rivers in Arunachal Pradesh

Spot finder
?A� Outskirts: Kovalam (Muttukadu Backwaters) and Mahabalipuram
(at the shore)A� to catch giant trevally and barracuda

?A� in Chennai: Giant trevally at Royapuram Fishing Harbour,
BlueWaters sport fishingA� (Rs 10,000 for two hours),Chetpet ecopark
(Rs 300 forA� angling)

?A� elsewhere: Mahanadi in Odisha, Kameng, Lohit and Siang rivers in Arunachal Pradesh

Most wanted gear
?A� US brand Lamiglas rods: Steady and helps in precision (Rs 13,500 onwards, at amazon.in)

?A� Japanese brand Shimano for reels and rods
(Rs 900 onwards, Anglers Fishing Tackles)

?A� Malaysia-based brand Surecatch (Rs 790 onwards, Anglers Fishing Tackles)

I have been angling from the age of 22, I am a swimmer and I love the waters. In angling, every day is another discovery.
It is a beautiful experience.a��Santosh Jagdeesh (38) (first from left), member of BlueWaters Sport Fishing Centre

For me angling is like meditation, I go fishing every week.
I head to Kovalam (Muttukadu), and we fish from morning to evening, Ita��s the best spot to go for angling. A�
a��Dinesh Kumar, owner Anglers Fishing Tackles Chennai

I have been angling for about 20 years and I enjoy just being next to a waterbody. What matters the most is that we are fishing, not where we are.a��Dhananjai Golla, owner of Evolve Fitness Studio

a�� Saloni Sinha


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