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    City-based indie band, The F16s, wins Pepsi MTV Indies Unbox and also releases a début album

    Formed in 2012, The F16s are one of the top emerging electro-rock acts in the country, a point they’ve proved time and again. Not only did the city-based five-piece band play at the renowned NH7 weekender festival in their debut year, but they also scooped up the top prize at Converse’s ‘Road to Rubber Tracks’ contest, which resulted in the band recording an EP (Nobody’s Gonna Wait) at New York’s Rubber Tracks studio.
    Now Vikram Yesudas (drums), Shashank Manohar (bass), Josh Fernandez (vocals), Harshan Radhakrishnan (keyboard) and Abhinav Krishnaswamy (lead guitars) have a music video out on Pepsi MTV Indies’ Unbox. The ‘black and white’ video—a format that is trending, according to the quintet—of their track Ausenberg has been produced by MTV, as part of their initiative to promote alternate music. “It’s an absolute joy to Unbox such talented musicians. The F-16s are a powerhouse and their song and music video are truly comparable with the best in the indie world,”  says Aditya Swamy, the business head, adding it will be aired every day for a month on the channel. With multiple EPs (including Kaleidoscope) under their belt, the band is currently on a 16-stop tour across India to promote their first full-length album, Triggerpunkte, which is releasing in November. “We took about three years to produce Triggerpunkte (German for ‘trigger points’). Though fans will find elements of punk and shoegaze in it, we’ve stayed true to our alternative/indie roots,” claims guitarist Krishnaswamy, adding that all nine tracks (including Digital Dead) were recorded in the city, at the Tobs Garage studio. Though they’re still putting the finishing touches to the album, the band is poised to play tomorrow at the popular indie music event, Ziro Festival (Arunachal Pradesh), followed by a slew of gigs across October, including Harley Rock Riders in Mumbai.

    —Anoop Menon


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