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    British singer Rita Ora is being quite the strict mentor on X Factor

    Rita Ora is the new face on the judging panel of X Factor, Vh1’s music reality show. The Hot right now hitmaker has been hired to boost the plunging viewership of the show, which is in its 12th season. The 24-year-old British singer was earlier seen coaching the contestants on rival music talent series, The Voice UK. Ora seems to be living up to the responsibility— while she’s a strict mentor, she’s also hit a few bad notes with her co-judges. Ora tells us more about her new stint.

    What advice do you give your contestants when they make headlines for the wrong reasons?
    It’s so easy to get sucked in. We are humans. But the thing is, it can’t distract you from your goals. Sometimes I look at the girls and I’m like, “Why are you guys on your phones so hard?” I am one of those judges who is really protective. I need to make sure their work ethic is up to scratch and they don’t get distracted by the cameras or the headlines.

    What about finding a balance between career and relationship?
    Just work, and work until you achieve what you want to achieve, even if you haven’t figured out the formula yet. I would like to see my girls focussing on the job.

    Will we see you in the next season?
    Can we get through one first? Let me just survive. Let me make sure I do the right thing first. But I’m not giving you a yes and I’m not giving you a no.

    Monday and Tuesday, 9 pm on Vh1
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