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New York-based Radhika Vaz redefines liberal this weekend

The Comedy Store brings Radhika Vaz back to town with her all new solo act, Older. Angrier. Hairier and promises the Bangalore audience the very best of her acclaimed risque humour. She entered the comic stage in 2001, soon after she moved to New York and has been performing stand-up since. Vaz tells us how she addresses serious social issues through her brand of humour in the city feels like a�?homea��.

Between the lines
My first show, Unladylike, spoke about the chauvinistic standards women deal with through eight short stories. This time ita��s about very sensitive topics like the moral roles given to our women, how aging standards differ for men and women and women who choose not to have kids for their own reasons.

Style statement
I rip apart societal standards of femininity as far apart as possible. So while the style varies, essentially, it is very anecdotal.

Off limits
I dona��t hold back if I want to say something but I think it is very important for your joke to be really funny if ita��s going to be inappro-priate. I stay clear of subjects that I dona��t have personal experience in or am not personally connected to in some way. So I will happily make a joke about Indians but not about African-Americans or Hispanics.

Fringe benefits
Ia��m lucky because I could always draw and hangout with people who were both smart and witty. But my dad is a really funny guy and a huge fan of all the old-school comedians. Unladylike was all about Joan Rivers and Cathy Griffin and this one more with Patrice Oa��Neill and Bill Hicks a�� both these men are dead American and have nothing in common with me except that they could make dirty jokes that are smart, funny and still address social issues.

Rs500. December 7. 8.30 pm. At bFlat Bar, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. Details: 25278361

a��Susanna Chandy


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