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    Abhilash Ningappa brings his movement piece to the city

    IT HAs taken Abhilash Ningappa two years to take Architect Of Self Destruction to the stage. The experimental nature of this movement performance, lack of time as well as the paucity of funds had it on hold all this while.
    The martial arts teacher, whoa��s trained in kalari payattu and contemporary dance, tells us what to expect at tomorrowa��s show, a�?Eight dancers will be moving on the stage non-stop for an hour. After 30 minutes of high energy movements, their energy will suddenly dip. I call it the a�?point of self-destruction of energya��. What happens after this, after they have reached their physical limits, forms the rest of the piece. Ita��s quite a physical feat. Just when the audience thinks the performance is over, the dancers (including himself) will start moving all over again.a�?
    Choreographed to soundscapes by Chilean-American composer, Nicolas Jaar, Architect Of Self Destruction, a structured improvisation performance, is a�?all about experiencea�?, says Ningappa, who also runs a dance residency in Bengaluru called Play Practice. He explains, a�?Most people in India still dona��t connect with contemporary dance. In fact, if I get my parents to understand what I do, I will be happy (laughs). Thata��s why I dona��t use a lot of complicated moves, theatrics or gymnastics. I want my audience to just follow the movements. In this case, it will be the rise and fall of their energy and emotions.a�?
    The ensemble includes artistes from India and abroad, whose expertise spans martial arts, jazz, ballet and a niche technique called, gaga (popular in Israel). a�?Ita��s exciting to see an artiste express himself/herself after the point of a�?self-destructiona��. It creates a space for their individual movements.a�?
    Next month, the 37-year-old will take this production to Europe, where he conducts workshops every year. a�?I will recreate it with dancers in Barcelona, Berlin and four more cities, over a period of four months. At some point, I want to turn this project into a cultural exchange programme of sorts,a�? he says.
    June 25. Entry Rs 150. At Shoonya, Lal Bagh Main Road. 7 pm.
    Details: 7760832226

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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