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Studio Ebony doesna��t believe in wasting anythinga��their new furniture range with a a�?twista�� is proof.

IF THE virtual game Candy Crush was to take a tangible form, it would closely resemble a pouffe from Pondicherry-based Studio Ebonya��s latest collection of chairs and ottomans, which has been getting much love at their showroom and on social media. While the furniture brand is known for its understated line of designer cane and teak furniture, this line is riotously colourful with varying shades of bright turmeric, wild pink, forest green and cornflower blue that guarantee to instantly warm up any living space. Designed and made by Mumbai-based Anu Tandon (her brand, Retryement Plan, makes upcycled furniture using old tyres and plastic waste), it is more than eye-candy and weaves in an environmental aspect, too. The designs feature a cane frame, where a�?cotton waste scraps like sari falls are twisted into ropes and then woven into the cane,a�? explains Samuel Victor, proprietor, Studio Ebony. The process demands meticulous workmanship by skilled craftsmen and is priced from Rs 9,000 to Rs 22,000. Since Pondya��s Studio Ebony retail outlet is relocating soona��from Canteen Street to White Towna��the eclectic collection can be ordered or bought at their ECR, Chennai and Bengaluru outlets. Meanwhile, the brand also accepts mail orders and will ship their furniture anywhere in the country.
Details: facebook.com/studioebony

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