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    Avenue 195 on KNK Road hopes to take you around the world in a plate

    The name got the better of our curiosity, and we had to find out what they were referring to. But when we discovered where Avenue 195 was located a�� Rutland Towers on Khader Nawas Khan Road, that has seen several restaurants open and close over the years a�� a visit became mandatory. We wasted no time in asking owner Mohamed Zakaria what he had in mind. a�?This is a global cuisine restaurant and the 195 is a reference to the 195 countries in the world,a�? smiles Zakaria, a builder who a�?wanted to start a restaurant for a long time.a�? The many flags adorning the name board make sense now, but we still cana��t help but feel that perhaps hea��s trying to put too much on a plate.

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    Regardless, we continue with a quick tour of the 70-cover restaurant and are introduced to a live, interactive kitchen, the buffet and a dedicated chaat chef. We call it a�?interactivea��, because you get to scoop up from a display of pastas, meats and vegetables and watch the chef toss it in a sauce of your choice, a la minute. The salad counter is also DIY, but again, feel free to make use of the chef peeping from his window, perched behind the counter. Their menu is still a work in progress (we visit during one of their trials) and chef Vijay Velacha who has just returned from Hilton London, is the man who has undertaken the mammoth task of plating 195 countries. For now, we get comfortable with a bell pepper-heavy manchow soup and some dense potato cheese balls.

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    While their smokey tandoori chicken drumsticks appeal to our Indian palates, the crispy, sweetish chicken wings and delicate batter fried calamari make a case for continental. We taste a bit of the Orient in the mains, with a Thai green curry and rice, before doing the round trip back to India for some butter naan and Patiala murgh. The chef tries to tempt with quesadillas and grilled chicken breasts, but we decide to take that journey another day.A� Desserts are plenty in number a�� fresh fruits, mousse, kheer, chum chum, etc a�� but thakfully, the chefs are working on reducing the number of Indian desserts on offer to accommodate more international treats (at least 75 per cent).

    Meal for two at approximately Rs 1,000. Buffet from Rs 530 plus tax onwards. Details: 43195195

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