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Keanu Reeves on his comeback film

Can Keanu Reeves really speak Japanese? Well, apparently, our actor, last seen in Man of Tai Chi, a Chinese- American martial arts film, which he also directed, takes his job seriously and made an effort to learn the language for his latest, 47 Ronin, which many call his comeback film. The 3D action-adventure is about real-life Japanese samurai who band together to avenge the death of their master. It also features international actors like Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano and Kou Shibasaki. Directed by Carl Rinsch, the film sees Reeves getting out of his comfort zone. He tells us more:

I loved the themes of honor, revenge and sacrifice in 47 Ronin, as well as the tragic love story. I also liked my character which is an outsider trying to regain honor.
I was not familiar with the actual legend of 47 Ronin, but when I knew about the project, I researched. My character, Kai, yearns to be accepted. Hea��s honorable but cursed.

I was excited to work with the katana, the Japanese long sword, and trained with the expert, Tsuyoshi Abe. Hiroyuki Sanada, who plays A�ishi, also gave me several tips.

I love shooting action and was very excited to be in a samurai film. As I was working with professionals, I didna��t really get beaten up much, although I did hit Hiroyuki Sanada a couple of times by mistake.

47 Ronin is scheduled
to release this month

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