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    In the city next week,A� Pankaj & Nidhi presents applique dresses, capes and more in spring colours.

    THE concept of India Modern, with leading designers also checking in as revivalists, is cause for cheer. It sees them experimenting with Indian textiles and crafts but with a modern vocabulary that goes beyond the Indian runway. Wearability is a big plus, thanks to lessons learnt from e-commerce collaborations. One of the labels that is taking significant strides ahead, be it asA� a collaboration with e-tailer Koovs last year or with a stall at Paris Fashion Week, is Pankaj & Nidhi. Scheduled to visit multi-designer boutique Evoluzione on Monday, the husband-wife duo wrapped up their autumn/winter 2016 show at Amazon India Fashion Week on Sunday (look up their fishtail dresses with quilting), and will be bringing their spring/summer 2016 line, Savannah Song, to the city.
    Expect feminine colour and lace embroideries but this time, the team known for their couture techniques at ready-to-wear prices, have presented their signature appliques in animal print. The collection is their take on African grasslands, after all. There are shades of white, orange, green and blue, and these sheer capes, coats and dresses will make the cut for a global audience too. a�?There is a certain classicism in what we create, but I am liking the idea of designing clothes for 100 girls within the same budget it would take for an outfit for one girl! That is what our work with Koovs taught me, the importance of numbers,a�? says Pankaj, who handles the technique and embroidery side of things while wife Nidhi is the expert on colour and silhouette. Fortunately for them, they both think alike when it comes to design a�� a�?perhaps like a tennis doubles team,a�? adds Pankaj, 42. Stock up on their capes a�� a�?ita��s like a jacket without all the fitting issues and is very diva-like,a�? says the designer. And theirembellished skirts. Rs 12,500 onwards. At Evoluzione. Details: 28333627

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