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    Everybody wants to be a star. Jack Prabhu knows this all too well, with his free acting classes at Elliota��s Beach

    MORNINGS at the bustling Elliota��s Beach see joggers, walkers, yoga enthusiasts and marathon runners going about their routines. But have you ever noticed a group of 40 gesticulating members outsideA� the restaurant, Planet Yumm? Well, they are aspiring actors who assemble every Sunday morning for classes from Jack Prabhu, who started the Raging Bull Actors Studio in 2007. a�?Ia��m a great fan of the movie Raging Bull, directed by Martin Scorsese. Robert de Niroa��s performance as Jake LaMotta is the best ever and the reason why I selected the name,a�? smiles Prabhu, an has acted in lesser known Tamil film, Ego. While Raging Bull was initially just a club for acting enthusiasts, he has now given it legitimacy by opening a studio in Royapettah.

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    Some of the members of the studio have gone on to act in filmsa��Pranav Dev in O Kadhal Kanmani, Karthik Nagarajan in Ahaa Kalyanam, Sanjay Saravanan in Meaghamann and Boologam, and Vicky in Vadacurry. a�?Each participant has to attend classes regularly for a month to be chosen for more in-depth classes that go on for three months,a�? says Prabhu, who also arranges for auditions once the course is over. These classes are aimed at those who are passionate about acting, but dona��t have the means or the contacts to take the leap. a�?I always promote my actors either in films or television serials. We teach only acting, there is no script writing or camera experience,a�? he says.

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    a�?When I started my journey in acting, I took theatre lessons under Kaladhar from the film union (Nadigar Sangam). I had by then done some small roles and short films. But I soon realised theatre lessons werena��t enough to be an actor,a�? shares Prabhu, explaining how he started researching and stumbled upon method acting. a�?(Yesteryear actress) Stella Adler introduced method acting to Niro and Marlon Brando, and that is what we follow at Raging Bull. I conductA� games and other exercises that will help my students understand the process better. We also have sessions in story telling, voice control, besides memory games,a�? he explains. Having said that, he admits that theatre is essential as it forms the base for actors. a�?Movies came from theatre. Like how Bharatnatyam is the base for any dance, theatre helps you understand voice, body movement and psychological control,a�? says Prabhu. Fortunately, he insists that you dona��t have to be a natural. a�?Acting is not inborn. It can be developed. It is a mixture of creativity, skill and technology,a�? he says.
    The Sunday classes are free. Regular classes for three months at Rs 25,000. Details: 43358422

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