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    Blake Lively on her bikini bod and overcoming her fears for The Shallows

    Blake Lively has upped the ante for women across the globe with her bikini ready body in The Shallows, shot eight months after she gave birth to her daughter with actor Ryan Reynolds (baby number two is on the way). The movie, which releases today in India, has the 29-year-oldA�Gossip Girl star essayingA�the role of medical student Nancy Adams who takes on aA�great whiteA�in this survival thriller. Here she talks to us about shooting in an idyllic location, overcoming herA�fears and the physical conditioning demanded by the role.

    How was it shooting at Lord Howe Island?
    Nobody has ever filmed there before. So, in a way, ita��s exciting to show a place that is so pure. The island has a total population of 300 people and that is really idyllic. ToA�show something like that on screen is really special. Ita��s a little hidden treasure. After this film, everybody is going to want to go there, because ita��s that captivating on camera.
    Were you scared at all?
    Being in the moment it was not a scary moment, it was a cool moment.A�I was face-to-face with those majestic creatures. It was incredibly eye opening because I was always terrified of great white sharks, but being in the water with them, being within their habitat, they dona��t look like big, monstrous creaturesa��theya��re beautiful, peaceful and serene.A�I even clicked their pictures and put them on Instagram and people told me thata��s the scariest picture ever. But thata��s because we have pre conceived notions about them.

    The role was very physically demanding. How did you manage it?
    It was neat to be able to do that, and it was neat to have that challenge after having a baby, because you think your body is so different a��A�you think no matter what, ita��s never (going to be) totally the same again. And to be able to be in better shape than I had ever been in before, I thought, a�?OK, thata��s really encouraginga��.
    The Shallows releases today.
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