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    From Pan Asian to now pre-dominantly Chinese, Westina��s new restaurant opens

    ON the eve of the Chinese New Year it is befitting that we celebrate with the opening of a new Chinese restaurant a�� the Five Senses, at the Westin, Velachery. We make our way to what was formerly the Pan Asian restaurant, Eest, where we are persuaded to start with their signature cocktail a�� created as an ode to their location and the new launch a�� the Velasherry. A light vodka-based concoction, the water melon juice has pleasing hints of ginger, honey and Thai basil and comes cradled in a second glass of ice cubes to keep it cool.PICTRUES OF 5 SENSES AT WESTIN HOTEL FOR INDULGE. EXPRESS / R.SATISH BABU
    For starters, the Thai fish satay drizzled with peanut sauce and a hint of lemongrass has us reaching for more. The chicken Sichuan pepper corn brings some welcome heat to the palate, while the sticky honey glazed lotus stem hits the spot with the vegetarians. The salad counter saw me loading up on some veggie uramaki and salmon makisushi. The sushi rolls do pack a punch with the wasabi paste and soy dressing.
    Mains include the creamy Indonesian rendang with succulent lamb and potato chunks and our other favourite the flavoursome hot basil fried rice. Yatendra Rawat, the executive chef, shares, a�?It is all about catering to our visitors and in-house guests. We did our home work a�� and discovered that there was a big draw for Indian Chinese as opposed to other Pan Asian cuisines like Japanese. So we retained the popular dishes like sushi and dim sums, and added more Sichuan dishes.a�?
    The dessert selection surprises with the likes of flourless chocolate slices sitting next to the Oriental pumpkin pudding. a�?We want to offer a variety a�� so continental options were added for those who dona��t have a palate for the typical Chinese desserts,a�? explains the chef.
    Open only for dinner, and a meal for two will cost Rs 2,400 onwards. Details: 66333777

    a�� Sabrina Rajan


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