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    How to embrace the perks of freedom and feel sexy and fabulous this Valentineai??i??s Day

    LETai??i??S set the tone on this straight up. This ainai??i??t no pity party. Whether youai??i??re male or female, there are so many reasons to own your single status ai??i?? on and off the romantic playing field. From solo wanderlust expeditions to spa time to sculpting that perfect bod, ai???saving all your love for youai??i?? may well be the most fun thing you do this year.

    Some folks definitely pull this off with more swag than others. Like celebrity photographer Sunder Ramu, who is one of Chennai’s most eligible bachelors. ai???A lot of people ask me, are you not settling down because you are nervous about commitment or because you want multiple partners. The truth is ai??i?? I am genuinely happy with my life,ai??? he offers with a smile. Hereai??i??s what sets Sunder apart from the flock, though. Heai??i??s been on 278 dates in the past two years, covering everyone from Shriya Saran to Lekha Washington ai??i?? and he hasnai??i??t paid for a single one! ai???I get the girl to pay for the date and then put that money into an NGO of my choice,ai??? he lets on.

    Before you lament that there probably arenai??i??t that many single ladies out there, or the classic ai???all the good ones are goneai??i?? ai??i?? check this out. According to a census data in 2015, there are 71 million single women in India, thatai??i??s a 39 per cent rise over a decade. So there you go, guys and gals. You are not alone, and thereai??i??s certainly no need to hurry for fear of ai???running outai??i??. Possibly one of the reasons why, according to Bengaluru-based dating expert Sudhir Udayakanth, is that the difference in the dating game these days is that it happens at a much faster pace. ai???In the age of apps like Tinder, the difference is the pace. Who has the patience to woo?ai??? he asks. So choose rush hour if you prefer, but if you donai??i??t, remember you could always opt for the rush of the chase instead.

    ai??i?? Sonali Shenoy

    teena“Depending on someone else to make you happy is not the way it should be. I think itai??i??s healthy to first be comfortable and content with yourself”

    ai??i?? Teena Vellara, Actor

    sunder“A lot of people ask me, are you not settling down because you are nervous about commitment or because you want multiple partners. The truth is, I am genuinely happy with my life just the way it is.”
    ai??i??Sunder Ramu, Photographer

    Take advantage of being single while mingling with couples

    Thereai??i??s one surefire way to write off being the third wheel here. Ask the couple to bring along other singles. If the coupleAi??is self-involved and you have to fend for yourself, practiceAi??your flirting skills to bring it on at the party or club you are at. Healthy flirting has no age. Practicing it can keep you physically andAi??mentally fit.
    ai??? Look lost, get desperate and focus onAi??disinterested or taken individuals.
    ai??? Bury your face in your phone ai??i?? you could have doneAi??that alone at home.
    ai??? Take over the music, food counter or the bar if possible.Ai??Itai??i??s a great way to break the ice and scan the crowd
    ai??? If none of these are possible, set a few ground rulesAi??with the couple so that they donai??i??t get too self-involvedAi??and freeze you out.

    ai??i?? Sudhir Udayakanth
    (Sudhir Udayakanth is a dating guru and expert in body language. He is also the founder and CEO of edge Academy in Bengaluru)

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