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A psy trance trio from Israel will get you in the weekend mood this Saturday

SESTO Sento is a trio of psy trance buffs consisting of Aviram Saharai, Matan Kadosh and Itai Spector, who first teamed up to launch their debut track Soup Bobble. They have played in over 30 countries and boast of a gold record and 10,00,000 hits on Myspace alone. We catch up with Kadosh and Saharai.

Behind the name
Sesto Sento means sixth sense in Italian, and was suggested by a friend of ours.

Themed right
We write on spiritual issues, peace, love and unity. Ita��s always about happiness and positivity.

EDM scene in Israel
The psy trance scene in Israel is deep. Ita��s basically part of our culture now. There is an audience for any kind of dance music, be it underground or commercial, the venues are always packed. We have played in over 30 countries and I have to say that I have never seen a place where psy trance has such a big following.

The world around us and groups like Daft Punk, Moby, Radiohead, Air and Bob Marley.

On song writing
Ita��s very dynamic. Since we get ideas all the time, we are mixing on the go a�� in hotel rooms or even on flights. All you need is a laptop and high quality headphones.

Gig essentials
Blast the music as loud as you can!

Rest and recreation
We read a lot of books, play soccer, listen to music, travel with friends, basically the normal things besides watching television, that s*** is poison!

High priority
Love, happiness, friendship, imagination and music.

On reincarnation
Kadosh: I want to be reborn as a super intelligent alien.
Saharai: A lion.

Special touch
Our sound is really happy and recognisable, and we always try to create a unique concept for people to take home.

Rs. 800. 4 pm. At Pebble, Sadashivnagar. A�Details: 9886004476

a��Avinash Kumai


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