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    Hollywood turns to the software apps for everything from proposals to press conferences just like us. But ita��s the online audition that has the most takers

    Middle woman
    Ever wondered how actress Mila Kunis got the role of Lily in the movie, Black Swan? It was lead actress Natalie Portman who thought her best buddy would fit the bill and introduced the Ukraine-based actress to director, Darren Aronofsky, through Skype. While Kunis was in Los Angeles, the director was in London. However, Aronofsky was aware of Kunisa�� work from the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. How did the conversation begin? Apparently, a�?So are you ready to do this?a�? were Aronofskya��s first words.

    Jennifer-Lawrence3Restroom break
    For actress Nina Dobrev, being a part of the big-screen adaptation of Stephen Chboskya��s The Perks of Being a Wallflower was very important. While talking to MTV News, the actress said, a�?I was filming in Atlanta. I really loved the script and I really wanted to be a part of it, but I couldna��t get to where Stephen was. So we Skyped my audition. I was in between takes, and I kind of had to be like, a�?Guys, Ia��m going to go to the bathroom. I just have to pee for five minutes.a�� And then I went and Skype auditioned. And there was that moment when we both knew this was a right fit .a��a��

    Bad sex face
    Enacting a sensual scene is always awkward, but actress Keira Knightley had to go one step further and make weird sex faces online to get her part in A Dangerous Method. While talking on The Graham Norton Show, the actress said, a�?I had to go on Skype with (director) David Cronenberg so he could see what my sex faces were. It was awful at every level because I had never met him before. So it was like a�?hey nice to meet you.a�� And all of a sudden go, hey what are your sex faces, something I had been practising in the mirror just before. And then Skype froze,a�? she shared, as her co-guests cracked up.

    Keira-Knightley1bBest girl wins
    Right from Angelina Jolie to other top actresses, everyone wanted to bag the role of Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Linings Playbook. But all it took was a Skype audition for Jennifer Lawrence to bag the part. The 23-year-old auditioned for director David O Russell from her fathera��s house in Louisville, Kentucky. While she says she is terrible at auditions, the Oscar winner rehearsed for the tryout with her brother. Russell, who was auditioning an actor over Skype for the first time, later admitted, a�?She surprised us.a�?

    Two weeks later
    When 23-year-old Emma Roberts landed at director Wes Cravena��s residence for an audition for Scream 4, she did not find him there. According to the American actress and singer, a�?I get to his house and they tell me it would be on Skype, which was so strange because his assistant was there, his casting director was there and hea��s there on a laptop. I just went for it and found out later that day that I got the movie and I was off to shoot two weeks later. It was the fastest job Ia��ve ever gotten.a�? How did the audition go? Well the director had good things to say about Roberts who, it seems, nailed it.

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