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With pomegranate and green tea in the mix, Forest Essentialsa�� blended oils will put you in a good mood.

We all indulge in aromatherapy for our body, but not so much for our mind. However, scents are good for calming our nerves and putting us in a happy space. According to Dr Ipsita Chaterjee, senior manager for Forest Essentialsa�� training and brand communication, Ayurveda has identified different fragrances to tackle the different doshas or dynamic energies. a�?It has been scientifically proven that essential oils with fragrances have the ability to induce peace, deepen meditation and heighten awareness. They affect our mood by influencing the sensory pathways to our limbic system,a�? Chaterjee explains. The Ayurvedic beauty products brand has recently added three new fragrances to their repertoire of 10 blended diffuser oilsa��Kashmiri Nargis, Kohima Pomegranate and Darjeeling Green Tea. a�?We first identified the books which had references to the essential oils,a�? she shares, elaborating how further research helped them find the blends that would get the best results. a�?Wea��ve used only fresh, organic and seasonal fruits, herbs and flowersa��picked at a certain time of the day when they are at their most potenta��and the essential oils were extracted through steam distillation,a�? Chaterjee adds. While green tea for its stress-relieving properties, pomegranate has an uplifting effect on the senses, and Nargis has a balancing effect.
From Rs 975 onwards, for 15 ml. Details: forestessentialsindia.com

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