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    This summer, Andrea Jacob teaches dance with a message

    Andrea Jacob, who has come to be recognised as the citya��s Latin dance specialist, is known for mixing fun with social issues. This summer, she is working on a project in collaboration with Hippocampus, an activity centre in Adayar for kids. Through the art of body movement and mime-based performance, she wants kids to understand social messagesa�� like sanitation and garbage recycling.
    Dancing came naturally to Jacob, right from when she was a kid. She started her own all-girls dance team called FleetFoot in 1996, after which she joined American dancer Wendy Jehlen on a six-month tour across India. She then trained in and developed a passion for the Latin styles like Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Tango and Jive.

    Body of movement
    Jacoba��s popular a�?creative movementa�� with young children drew a lot of attention as she infused modern dancing techniques with everyday songs. In May, she will also work with the Chennai Volunteers where she will visit homes and orphanages to teach them dance. a�?I will teach them modern dance styles like jiving and how it can be used for a Tamil song,a�? says Jacob, who worked with the Madras Dyslexic Association and SOS Village last year to help them understand dancing and miming.

    At Hippocampus Children Company, from 10 am. Priced at Rs. 3,800 for members and Rs. 4,000 for non-members. Details: 42116417

    -Aishwarya Kumar


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