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    SOCIAL media has been quite a friend to the radio medium. Back in the 90ai??i??s, when telegrams, inland letters, cassettes and the like were all part of our daily lives, it made us realise what distance was. I remember asking a friend of mine in Delhi to record a few radio shows and have them sent to me. The entire process would take a week. When the cassettes did arrive it was like a moment of joy and relief. You felt ahead of the rest because you had, in your possession, radio material from the other side of the country.

    Iai??i??d like to look back and say those were the little joys of leading an analog life. Look at the pace at which we function today. If you were told about digital wallets, YouTube, social media and mobile phones back then, it would be unbelievable above all else; something straight out of Star Trek. Today, I just need to go on the triple ai???wai??i?? and get exactly what Iai??i??m looking for. Some of my favorite presenters or voices that I like listening to are all across the country. Armed with only a mouse and a laptop, they pop up right in front of me. For radio as a medium, itai??i??s a game changer.

    The digital world not only cuts distances but also creates perceptions. To be honest, Iai??i??m not all that tech savvy and I let it be that way, as I want a part of me to still hold on to the little joys of doing things the old school way. However, Iai??i??m in awe of the technology as it helps a lot of presenters from my tribe to reach out to people and places that were simply impossible back in the 90ai??i??s.

    From a chat on oneai??i??s radio show to interviews with the whoai??i??s who, it doesnai??i??t matter if it is going down in Mumbai or Manila; you as a listener have a ring side view to any radio station. Social media is an echo room. That said, itai??i??s important to neither overuse nor under cook that message.

    See you next week with more radio talk!

    Niladri @radiowaveAi??

    ai??i?? talkingradio@gmail.com .
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