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    Le Cordon Bleu-schooled home baker Anjallee Dadha swears by bread made with natural yeast

    A small, but significant group of ladies are setting themselves apart not just by their use of quality ingredients (from premium Belgian chocolate to exotic French cheeses), but also their ability to create intricate artisanal offerings inspired by their time at reputed culinary institutions the world over. One such lady is jewellery designer Anjallee Dadha, whose meetings across Europe always ended with meals that featured French pastries, cheeses, breads and desserts. a�?I wanted to bring these back to India and decided to just learn to make them myself,a�? she says. So, after a string of courses in Germany, Paris, Denmark and the like, Dadha found herself at Le Cordon Bleu, London, last year.Frenchsponge cake lemon & Turkish delights
    a�?I specialise in French macaroons. I learnt to make ganache at Le Cordon Bleu and few other institutes. In Italy I learnt to make pizza bases at a pizzeria in Vicenza. And in Istanbul I learnt to make baklava,a�? says Dadha, adding that shea��s been doing this for almost 10 years. But it was only a few months ago that she decided to go commercial and started All Delish, her home venture. Besides the French macaroons and nutty Mediterranean dessert, Dadha makes mean chocolate brownies (with Belgian chocolate, `1,455 a kilo), brookies (the cookie and brownie hybrid), a host of pies, cupcakes (her strawberry and champagne offering uses Moet & Chandon, no less) and sour dough breads.
    All in the filling
    Insisting that sour dough breads is a topic that will keep her going for hours, Dadha tells us that she bakes variants such as a wheat sour dough and multi grain sour dough too. And her macaroons feature fillings ranging from run of the mill berries to the more exclusive citron, Earl Grey and salted caramel. And given that she wakes up at 4 am to bake till around 1 pm, ita��s only natural that she hopes to open a bakery of her own soon. But till then, you will have to place orders 24 hours in advance and pick up your goodies from her residence on Lloyds Road.
    Macaroons at Rs 80 each, sour dough breads at Rs 130 for 400 gms. Details: 9003148855

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