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    Herbs and freshA� fruits feature in Park Hyatta��s new cocktails.

    With increasing orders by patrons at Park Hyatt for customised concoctions with sprigs of basil, lemon grass and even thyme in their choice of drinks, the hotel now has a special nook for those who wish to opt for the healthy recourse. Launching the Garden Bar at its Flying Elephant restaurant, the section sports a garden pot filled with around 15 herbs grown at the hotel and is the perfect place for a tall glass of something cool, fresh and infused with unique flavours. The new collection of cocktails features lots of salutary flavours and stimulating spices, coupled with fresh fruits. The twist lies in the local ingredients that the bartenders add, like the narthangai (citron) in their white rum-based Chennai Express.
    The curiously-named Murugan Colada is in-fact named after one of their bartenders, Murugan, who has brought together fresh coconut, curry leaves, and spices like cinnamon and black pepper in this refreshing variant of the pina colada. In Cine Pop, plain popcorn get soaked in vodka, is mixed with apple juice and is topped with basil to create the perfect drink for matinee hours. a�?The glass is served inside a box of popcorn, and is also a part of our Sunday Matinee Brunch,a�? says Bhanu Gupta, assistant director of food and beverage.
    At Rs 800 per glass. Details: 71771234

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