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    Leila Alvares picks Ghost for her latest stage adventure

    STEPPING out of her comfort zone, city-based stage director Leila Alvares is doing a different kind of musical this year. Known for her all out entertainment or through-and-through musicals, she chose Ghost for 2015, despite having second thoughts early on. a�?It was not my first choice. I wanted to do Mamma Mia! this time around. But when I read the Broadway musicala��s script, a lot of it resonated with my beliefs,a�? says the director, referring to the life-after-death concept.
    For those who arena��t around from the 90s, the story is about lovers Sam and Molly who are separated by death, until a medium helps Sam get in touch with Molly to warn her about his real murderer. a�?The film is a bit outdated so I have changed it to suit contemporary times,a�? she explains, elaborating that she has worked her way around needing the a�?ghosta�� to walk through walls and doors. a�?I wanted it to be believable. That means Ia��ve redone scenes such that you wona��t realise that the ghost doesna��t go through doors,a�? Alvares tells us. But why did she skip out on those features? a�?We dona��t have stages that rotate and frankly we dona��t have a budget for an illusionist,a�? she quips.
    So instead, expect one main set with plenty of detailing. a�?The focus of this performance is the cast, music and story. There is no point in getting gimmicky, “she says. Songs will include Alvaresa�� favourite Ia��m Outta Here sung by the actor playing the psychic (remember Whoopi Goldberg?) plus the popular Unchained Melody. Cast members are Rahael Thomas, Mana Santhanam, Priya Mendens, Karan Machado, Arvind Kasthuri, Prem Koshy and Tuffy.
    Saturday at 7.30 pm, Sunday at 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm. Tickets (Rs.300 a�� Rs.499)
    on bookmyshow.com
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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