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    Makeover series Get The Look returns for a second season with Ambika Anand

    Indiaa��s longest running fashion makeover series returns with Ambika Anand and a host of new designers to give makeovers to a�?regulara�� women. An anchor, writer and television show host, Anand is no stranger to fashion. After pursuing a degree in economics at the Cardiff Business School, she found that travelling had a great influence on her, and her love for exploring different kinds of fashion led her down a new path, fashion journalism. a�?My rule about travelling is to go to a place Ia��ve never been before. It gives you so many new experiences which, in turn, influence the way you look at life,a�? notes Anand, adding that it really influences your style aesthetic as well. Of course, London is always a place that can and should be revisited, she says!
    The show features designers Amit Agarwal, Hemant and Nandita, Kanika Goyal, and Pankaj and Nidhi among others, who will team up with Anand to style 16 ladies based on various themes. a�?My favourite experience was when we gave a 22-year-old mother a makeover. It was heartwarming to see her in an avatar different from a wife and mother,a�? shares the anchor. But the toughest was getting a girl ready for a surprise party. a�?But that was mostly because we even had to do some event management to have a surprise to begin with,a�? she adds.
    Other themes include power dressing, Sunday brunch with the girls, biker chic and winter vogue. What caught our fancy was the a�?first day at work segmenta��. a�?Tuck in your tummy and stand straight. That is half your battle won,a�?Anand advises, elaborating, a�?Fitted trousers can also lift an outfit. Indian women tend to throw on any trousers, but a fitted pair is very important.a�? Make sure that they (the trousers) and the blouse you pick are of a fabric that doesna��t crush easily, because a�?crease-free clothes always make a good impressiona��.
    a�?I also suggest a bodysuit top because then youa��re not worrying about it riding up. It also ensures youa��re not preemptively fidgety,a�? she says, before hinting that more of her style tips will be revealed on the show.
    Premieres June 7 (Tuesday) at 7 pm on NDTV Good Times
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