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    Turn your life around in just 90 days with the new SLAM Fitness Studio

    Ajit Sigamani, one of the leading combat sports and alternative training method specialists in the country, says it like it is, a�?Most people dona��t admit it, but 95 per cent of them come to gyms to have a good looking body. They might say they are here only for fitness, and not six-pack abs, but deep down, they all want a good physique. What they dona��t realise is that fitness is a by-product. It will happen along the way.a�?
    a�?Body transformationa�? is the ultimate aim of Chennai-based SLAM (Sports Liberation Aesthetics Muscle) lifestyle and fitness studio, which has grown in numbers in the last one-and-a-half years, and is now open in Bengaluru. Sigamani serves as its vice president, works along with investor Sam Paul, and also designs all of its fitness modules. Since the team loves superheroes, the two-floor gym in Indirangar sports posters, and famous quotes of their favourite characters. Ita��s a constant reminder of their physically impressive bodies, and that SLAM clients can get there too with their 90-day body transformation programme.
    Burn it, sculpt it
    The first floor is packed with treadmills, spin bikes, dumbbells, rowing, and EFX machines, and is meant essentially for sweating it out. They have a functional cage, where up to 12 people can work out simultaneously, on a rotation basis. They will soon hire a physiotherapist. The floor above is designed to pump iron and build strength with a wide array of plate- and pin-loaded equipment. A team of two general, and eight personal trainers overlook your workouts all the time.
    Sigamani tells us what SLAM is trying to achieve. a�?We want to bring the old-school, hard core gyms back in your neighbourhood, where they were meant purely for body building. These days, gyms offer everything from sports training to yoga classes, but our focus is only body transformation, and result-driven workouts. I see people hitting gyms for 3-5 months, and still looking the same.a�?
    He emphasises that body building wona��t always make you look like the huge, bulky and stiff wrestlers. It can get you the aesthetically pleasing physique of a model as well. a�?But we are a little intense. We work out six days a week,a�? he says, referring to his programme that will get you in shape in three months. a�?Thata��s only if clients co-operate,a�? he adds, laughing.
    In the first two months, the aim is to build muscle and shape your body. Each session is an hour long and includes 20 minutes of functional warm up, and cool down, and hardcore workouts (drop sets, pyramid, German volume sets) in between. In the last 30 days, you burn stubborn fat. The team plans to have 20 SLAM outlets in the city in two years, and will look for bigger studios to accommodate group fitness programmes.
    Rs 3,000 per month. At Indiranagar. Details: 41290095

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