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An outfit that brings back the disco funkA�

If you have been missing the foot-tapping vibe of the early 80s, catch Clown with A Frown, a band that unabashedly embraces disco-funk in all its crowd appealling glory on June 12 at Hard Rock Cafe.

New beginnings
The group is newly revamped with Keertana Sudarshan and Alexandria Syiem in the forefront. This will be their first gig after they emotionally parted ways with former band mates Abby Attavar, Ruebon Jacob and Michael Muellar. We hear that long time fans are in for a pleasant surprise with the new tracks on their latest line-up that will explore the disco-funk genre more closely. But old favourites like their best-selling number, Hot Panic, will find pride of place in the set-list.

The city-based band, which boasts of nine talented members today, sometimes finds it hard to come together on a daily basis to jam, but they find common ground. Carving time out from choc-a-bloc schedules that range from college timetables and deadlines to nine-to-five jobs, the diligent musicians usually get together three to four times a week to do what they love. A relief for the ardent fans who describe their sound as a�?soulful musica��.

So how does Clown with A Frown plan to introduce its revamped self? Rahul Thomas, who plays the trombone, says, a�?So now wea��re completely changing our set. Wea��re making 20 new songs for our next show and in order for that to work, we need everybodya��s ideas. We like to create our music one layer at a time so by the end of it, we have the skeleton of how each song should sound.a�?
For now however, the banda��s future looks rather bright. All of them are confident that they want to go ahead and take their outfit onto the professional stage, with each show a learning ground to get better at what they love.

Rs. 500 upwards. At St Marks Road. Details:41242222

a��Shreya Bhandari


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