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Bring in 2016 on your terms, in the comfort of your own home, with unique ideas. Avoid traffic snarls, obnoxious strangers, tardy bar service and slow buffet lines this New Year’s Eve and throw in your own memorable bash with the help of our home-friendly services instead.
By Manju Latha Kalanidhi and Nishad Neelambaran

Musical harmony

If you want a grand symphony and the air filled with the melodious strains of violins, with men in blazers and working up a crescendo, Symphony Orchestra is the group to welcome. Says Hanuman who can get you a booking, a�?The requirement is a 30×30 stage with individual mikes for all the 30 violinists. If your house or garden has that kind of space, you are in for a treat. Charges: ` 2,00,000. Details: 990899883

pgc2Trigger happy

You are a photography buff and want your event to reflect your passion, you can invite Gaurav Sanjay Prabhu of GP Reels to conduct a home photography workshop for your circle of shutterbugs. The team from Mumbai charges ` 2,500 per person for a one-day workshop. Details: 8097806108




Classy stuff

A vocalist herself, Harini Rao of Raageshree Foundation and her team comprising not more than four including one on the harmonium, tanpoora and tabla, can come home for a classical music performance with an advance notice of at least a week. a�?We bring in our own sound system (depending on the number of audience at your home), lights (if indoors and evening).a�? Charges: `15,000. It goes up to `2,00,000 if someone has a specific artist (like Nityashree Mahadevan) in their mind for the performance. Details: 9885313050

pgc10Go dancing

Dance is a must-have at any party, but give the regular Bollywood dance a break and shift to hoola hoop dance or belly dance. Ambica, a Limca Book of Records holder, can do a super elegant dance – Indian classical, western or fusion for you through her hoola hoops. This 23-year-old can do a complete show with her nine-member team. Charges: `20,000 (plus travel and accommodation). Details: 9533191493. Belly dancers typically perform as a group of three women. Charges: ` 1,00,000 (flight tickets of three performers and manager). Details: 9440215833


Fire n ice

If action is what goes well with your partying style, fire dancer Ramesh and his friends can go whoop in the air, land thud on the floor, blow some fire straight into your face. The team charges for their time and not the number of acts which includes juggling, fire works using a cycle ring and acrobatics. Charges: ` 50,000. Details: 33924108



Hyderabad is the city that told the world that you can indeed get Superstar Shahrukh Khan to dance to a wedding, way back in 2011 when young bride Mallika Reddy, daughter of Sanjay (GVK Reddy Group) and Aparna Reddy, wanted him to perform a romantic number as her party special. It’s not surprising that the city’s hosts go out of their way in roping in unique entertainers who don’t mind coming to your home to perform, for a price of course. Although nobody knows how much the Bollywood Badshah charged for that jig at the wedding, just entertaining King Khan and his entourage, sending your private jet for a pick up and drop could run into crores. The inside word is that you need to have a personal equation with the superstars. Priyanka Chopra had performed for Congress leader Danam Nagender’s daughter Manisha’s Sangeet in April this year. And if you are not the film-loving type and would rather having something offbeat, here is a list of entertainers/performers/artists who can come home to make it an interesting party.


Who says partying doesna��t go
with a spa therapy? Meghavi,A�theA�onlyA�organicA�spaA�inA�theA�city,A�pays a homeA�visit for an event. ServicesA�include foot
massages,A�expressA�faceA�cleanA�up, dryA�shoulderA�massage,A�expressA� maniA�&A�pedi. Charges: `15,000A�upwards basedA�onA�numberA�ofA� therapists at work,A�hoursA�etc.

pgc3Vanishing act

Want your best friend to vanish into thin air? Magician, illusionist and hypnotist Samala Venu can get it done for you in a jiffy. World famous (he holds two Guinness records and has given 7,000 shows so far) for performing the vanishing lady act and making the body levitate in thin air, Venu can pull off a whole lot of other tricks. Charges: `1,25,000. Details: 9849550156

pgc4Star trek

If you want a Comedy Night with Kapil Sharma right in your backyard, Bharath Reddy from Retro Events can rope him in for you. a�?From a simple meet and greet to a complete performence, ask and you shall get it,a�? he says. Charges: `1.5 crore. Details: 9550054943. Dheeraj Dhoopar, who recently shot to fame on the small screen as Prem Bharadwaj in Sasural Simar Ka makes guest appearances in weddings and other private parties of his fans. Charges: `4,00,000 (for actor, stylist and make-up artist. Excludes and travel and boarding). Details:doshi.deepa@gmail.com

The morning after

pgc9Hearty art

If you have a bunch of kids (even grown-ups) who have been glued to the mobile screens, drag them away by inviting Telangana artist Kappari Kishan to do a home painting event. This art teacher at Jawahar Bal Bhavan can come with his team, painting brushes, easels and the works to keep your guests engaged, give them feedback and teach them to draw a line or two. All he needs is some open space and enthusiastic students. Charges: `5,000

Whata��s cooking
The party season has begun and a lot of you might want to call a food expert to your house for that crunchy cookies making demo. City food blogger and connoisseur Arundati Rao shares, “I have gone to people’s houses to display how cookies or cakes are baked and demonstrated the icing, decoration, serving methods etc.” She takes the materials along with her. Charges: `1,500 onwards. “If it’s something like Mexican recipes which requires the kitchen to be fully stocked with the exotic ingredients, I check that before I say yes,” she says. Details: 9959202255

pgc7Comedy nights

Papa CJ, world renowned stand-up comedian with more than 1,000 shows globally to his credit, says he has performed at events from baby shower to marriage. a�?I am yet to perform at a suhaag raat,a�? he quips. The 38-year-old comedian who can come to the city to perform says he can adjust the spice quotient of his jokes from clean to naughty depending on the hosta��s choice. He is best known for customising the show by cracking jokes on the audience present at the event. Charges: `10 lakh for a 90-minute comedy session (travel and accommodation to be arranged by the host). `10 lakh. Details:A�papacj@papacj.com

Pic: Muneesh Tarsem
(originally for Maxim India)



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